SpellBee INTENSE is an exclusive, immersive, meticulously-organised,  world-class language development programme intended for students from Grade 1 to 12. 

The student enrolls for this comprehensive course-cum-competition model and gets access to all the 15 Modules of the programme. 

This Course also provides 100% e-books, 60% Hard copies of the books and multimedia coaching videos with national and international mentors to help the student reach and complete the International Level and be awarded with International Certificate and SLEP Course Completion Certificate.

What is SpellBee International ?

SpellBee International is an educational research organisation which is currently serving around 1000 schools across India and Sri Lanka through its English Language development products and has certified around a million students on vocabulary development in the past 10 years.

The Vision is to make Language Learning a joyous process and thereby help students learn complex subjects in a simple way.

Programme Inclusions

15 Modules

What?  A word bank of age-appropriate, cherry-picked 1000 words

Why? To know how to correctly spell and pronounce words 

How ? Tested via dictation with phonemic transcription as clues.

What? A set of root words to understand and master word combinations by chunking.

Why? To weave new words with the learnt root words and guess correctly the meanings of even unfamiliar words

How? Tested via match/choose from options.

What? Different forms of words and frequently used word combinations and phrases

Why? To know proper word usage according to the sentence’s context –

How? Tested via Find the Odd one Out and Choose from answer options.

What? Syntax rules-based sentences

Why? To know the nuances of sentence construction and spotting the errors in sentences

How? Tested via identifying correct sentences by choosing them.

What? Literature-based GK containing questions from recommended story books and authors and interesting literary devices

Why? To trigger them to read extensively and write original works intense passion and creativity.

How? Tested via choosing or writing down the correct answers

What? Systematic, phase-wise learning of the meanings of all 1000 words with the help of picture games in every page and Hangman game in Google Play

Why? To know the definition and other related words

How? tested via matching the meanings with words.

What? Unjumbling the parts of sentences and putting them in the correct order, and finding the correct word to fix a sentence

Why? To master word order in English Syntax

How? Tested via Choosing the Correct Answers

What?Learning silent letters, homophones, short vs. long sounds, subtle sound differences with example words
Why? To increase phonemic awareness and finetune diction

How? Tested via exercises in Choosing the Correct Answers format

What? Understanding any and all types of written information with unique exercises on poems, product labels, letters, news articles dialogues, posters

Why? To read, reflect, research and understand

How? Tested with choose the right answers

What? Solving theme-based word-clue crosswords and picture-clue crosswords

Why? To identify and retrieve learned words from memory

How? Tested via filling in crossword puzzles.

What? Word wheels, word stairs and word combo exercises

Why? To guess, build and spot words based on pictures/meanings

How? Tested via puzzles in picture/template format.

What? The different categories and classes of words

Why? To know, understand and master the right words, category-wise

How? Tested via Choosing the Correct Answers.

What? Learning sixty words’ synonyms and antonyms

Why? To choose and apply a word’s correct synonym or antonym based on sentences’ context

How? Tested via Choose the Right Options

What? Phrases (both literal and figurative), interesting idioms and internationally acclaimed proverbs

Why? To have native speaker-like understanding of the language and create creative and compelling communications

How? Tested via Choose and Match Exercises.

What? Unjumbling and ordering the sentences of a poem/speech/report/argument/story/review/process/biography etc.

Why? To understand the different strategies of communication based on the goal it aims to achieve

How? Tested via numbering the sentences.

Course Directors and Trainers


“To this day, I am proud to have been one of your contestants and I owe it to you all for the recognition I get for my vocabulary and my profound love for English. This got me into my passion for voice-acting as well. I believe it is this exposure that had helped me in becoming a state topper in my board exams and kickstarting my career in one of the Top 5 MNCs in India.”
Aruna Mathangi,
International Level Topper, Velammal Matriculation Higher Sec. School Mogappair, Chennai
“It is a great pleasure that my kid is a part of SPIN. I have seen great transformation in him. He uses some new words with correct meaning. Thanks a lot for helping us.”
Ridhi Shah, Parent of Yash Shah, Grade 2
Euro School, Pune
It is a really nice initiative to improve my son's academics. He is very eagerly learning new words & waiting to participate in international level. Thanks for making learning a fun activity.
SpellBee is a good competition. Even when my child is on a holiday, when I tell my child to sit and study, he is very excited to study for SpellBee International.
My journey with Spellbee International has been fantastic since the time I was in Grade 1. SpellBee International's easy-to-understand preparatory books are a fun way to learn English language. The syllabus of Spellbee international is different from school syllabus of English language and complements it. Due to this, I could understand everything in class conceptually. Spellbee international has helped me not only to improve my spellings but also communication skills and vocabulary which I practically apply in creative writing and compositions in school. It has helped me develop correct usage of English language due to which I always score top marks in English exam at school and I shall always be thankful to SpellBee International for all this.
Saileey Mansharamani, Grade 6
New Horizon Scholars School, Thane
“Books are designed in such a way that after a certain level, kids can solve the book on their own without any help from the parents. Rather than a competition, this is another tool which helps our kids to learn and develop a language in a totally innovative way. SpellBee International is not only about spellings, but also about learning new words, sentences, grammar, comprehension, etc.”
Simran Israni,
Mother of Tanya Anup Israni, Grade 6 & Pranav Anup Israni Grade 4, Excel Classes, Pune
“Being an English teacher, I feel this exam gives an opportunity to strengthen our language in various aspects. Personally I feel their Etymology round, which no text book covers, makes the students learn each and every word clearly. Also they can use those words correctly in their communication part either written or oral. I saw active participation of my students in this course and the consistent motivation of the parents. Let the team grow far and wide.”
AHM, Velammal Vidyalaya, Alapakkam, Chennai

A few statistics, as we step into our 11th year

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

 Any student from any school, from Grade 1 to 12, across the world, can join this programme.

This is an online programme. Registration can be done online through the following link:https://spellbee.international

The one-time, all-inclusive registration fee is 6000 INR (excluding optional courier charges) for entries from India and 90 USD for entries from other countries.

Our payment gateway accepts payments from all major debit and credit cards, Net Banking Wallets, Paytm, UPI and there are even EMI options available with various Credit cards.

You will receive a confirmation e-mail from us with your SPIN ID for the year 2020-21 and your password, with which you can log in to your profile at https://login.spellbee.international to view your profile, exam date, introductory videos and time-to-time announcements from us.

Our most beloved, revolutionary course content is based on our Strategic Language Enhancement (SLE) model and has been categorised into 15 rounds of fun and learning:
[Rounds 1 to 5 strengthen etymology, word associations and sentence structure]
Round 1 – Spell it Right (1000 Grade-specific Words with their Phonetic Symbols)
Round 2 – Word Analysis (Root words and their meanings with examples)
Round 3 – Inflections and Collocations (Word forms and Word formation)
Round 4 – Find the Correct Sentence
Round 5 – General Knowledge (Verbal Reasoning & Literary World)
[Rounds 6 to 9 build phonetic awareness and comprehension]
Round 6 – Words and Meanings (Grade-appropriate meanings of all 1000 words with pictures and other word forms)
Round 7 – Form the Correct Sentence
Round 8 – Phonetics
Round 9 – Reading Comprehension
[Rounds 10 to 12 encourage word usage and widens vocabulary]
Round 10 – Crossword
Round 11 – Word Weaving
Round 12 – Compound Words and Kinds/Types of Words
[Rounds 13 to 15 expand verbal ability and logical thinking]
Round 13 – Synonyms and Antonyms
Round 14 – Idioms, Phrases and Proverbs
Round 15 – Presenting an Argument

Every Round shall have a round orientation video, a digital book (course material) and a lively multimedia video lecture to explain the course material.

Though this programme is intended solely as a digital programme, you will also be provided with the hard copies of the books at an additional courier charge of Rs. 180 (if you are participating from India). However, we have limited stocks only and you can be assured of a minimum guarantee of only 60% of the books at this time; i.e. out of the 5 course books, you will be given a minimum of 3 books.

You most definitely can. Please click on the following link to go to our YouTube video with snippets from our video coaching by our national and international mentors.https://youtu.be/5RsOQjLqXaA

A detailed explanation of our national and international mentors can be viewed by clicking the following link: https://www.spellbeeinternational.com/

A You will be given phased access to our 15 Rounds of the programme. In the beginning, you will have access to the first 5 Rounds. The rest of the Rounds will be released in a phased manner.

It will be an Internet Based Exam (IBE) which you can attend from a desktop or laptop, straight from your individual homes. This exam is conducted in partnership with TCS iON.

You can attend the International Level exam directly in the first week of March 2021.

You will have the option to attend Revision tests as and when you complete a particular module. These tests are only for revision and the scores of the same will have no bearing on your final score.

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