SpellBee International's​

Strategic Language Enhancement Programme

What is SpellBee International ?

SpellBee International is an educational research organisation which has served 4000+ schools and certified 10,00,000+
students on English language skills development in the past 13 years.

The organisation was established in 2010 by a team of social
engineers, expert educationalists, international researchers and volunteers, who have been persistently striving to bring forth a reformation in the system of language education.

SpellBee International is a fruit of 25+ years of direct
deliberations at the grassroots level with thousands of
educational institutions with whose appeals, adoptions,
adaptations and appreciations our linguistic learning system was born and has progressively evolved.

What is SpellBee International’s Strategic Language Enhancement Programme? (SLEP)

SpellBee International’s Strategic Language Enhancement Programme (SLEP)
is a top-quality comprehensive course for English Vocabulary and language
development. SLEP is exclusively des igned for the school-going students, and
is conducted as a competition of National and International scale.

SLEP’s knowledge products are systematic, sequential, age-appropriate, scholarly, activity- based, informative, immersive and globally neutral.

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Our students spellbeeinternational

Aruna Mathangi,


“To this day, I am proud to have been one of your contestants and I owe it to you all for the recognition I get for my vocabulary and my profound love for English. This got me into my passion for voice-acting as well. I believe it is this exposure that had helped me in becoming a state topper in my board exams and kickstarting my career in one of the Top 5 MNCs in India.”


It is a really nice initiative to improve my son’s academics. He is very eagerly learning new words & waiting to participate in international level. Thanks for making learning a fun activity.




SpellBee is a good competition. Even when my child is on a holiday, when I tell my child to sit and study, he is very excited to study for SpellBee International.

Our Happy Learners

Our students spellbeeinternational

Programme Inclusions

15 Modules

A word bank of age-appropriate, cherry-picked 1000 words – to know how to correctly spell and pronounce words – tested via dictation to strengthen phonemic awareness.

A set of root words to understand and master word combinations by chunking. To weave new words with the learnt root words and guess correctly the meanings of even unfamiliar words – trained and tested to have an exponential understanding and grasp of words.

Different forms of words and frequently used word combinations and phrases – to know proper word usage according to the sentence’s context – tested to master word grammar and appropriate word application and combinations.

101 grammar concepts for every grade – also furnished with easy-to-understand explanations – tested to know the nuances of sentence construction and spotting the errors and avoid making errors in sentences.

Literature-based GK containing questions from age-appropriate story books and authors and interesting literary devices – to trigger them to read extensively and write original works intense passion and creativity.

Systematic, phase-wise learning of the meanings of all 1000 words with the help of picture games in every page and hangman game in Playstore – to develop context-based usage of words for a rich and active vocabulary.

Unjumbling the parts of sentences and putting them in the correct order, and finding the correct word to fix a sentence – to master word order in sentences based on the types of sentences.

(S+V+O = We are happy – Declarative Sentence; V+S+O = Are we happy? – Interrogative Sentence)

Learning the speech sounds and proper articulation to understand silent letters, homophones, short vs. long sounds, subtle sound differences with example words – to perfect pronunciation and finetune diction.

Understanding any and all types of written information with unique exercises on poems, product labels, letters, news articles, dialogues, posters – to read, reflect, research and understand – to cultivate data interpretation and logical reasoning skills.

Solving theme-based word-clue crosswords and picture-clue crosswords – to identify and retrieve learned words based on their meanings, sounds, etc. enhancing verbal ability skills.

Word wheels, word stairs and word combo exercises – to guess, build and spot words based on pictures/meanings – to build vocabulary strength by choosing and using right and relevant words.

The different categories and classes of words – to know, understand the formation of words in English and master words with an understanding of their creation, category and characteristics.

Learning to choose and apply a word’s alternative word –   correct synonym or antonym suiting the context of the sentences they appear in – for excellent conversational and written English.

Phrases (literal and figurative), interesting idioms and internationally acclaimed proverbs – to have native speaker-like understanding of the language and create creative and compelling communications – both formal and informal.

Unjumbling and ordering the sentences of a poem/speech/report/argument/story/review/process/biography etc.– to logically analyse and use appropriate ordering strategies based on the goal of communication: to narrate/notify/negotiate, etc.

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